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Independent Contractor Contract Template

Ready to hire your first service provider for your business? The Independent Contractor Contract Template is designed for business owners looking to engage a freelance or contracted professional to provide a service to the business.

Easily customize your Contract Template then send it off to your clients with confidence. Each Contract Template is designed with your niche industry in mind.

About the Contract Template

The Contract Template covers your butt and protects your client at the same time. A strong contract clarifies your responsibilities and describes what happens if anything goes wrong. Our Contract Templates are written in plain English so you and your client can understand it – no legalese, guaranteed.

The Contract Templates protect your business by discussing all the aspects of your project, including the scary stuff like licensing, confidentiality, and limitations on liability.

What’s in the Contract Template?

The Contract Templates include terms covering:

  • The exact services you need
  • A payment policy, with multiple options to choose from
  • A cancellation policy, including what happens if you cancel last minute
  • The option to keep or transfer ownership of intellectual property
  • A confidentiality clause so your contractor can’t steal your secrets
  • A release of liability so the contractor can’t sue you for things beyond your control
  • Everything else a contract needs to be legally binding

How do I use the Contract Template?

Each Contract Template comes with the Artful Contracts Contract Template How-To Guide that walks you through customizing and using your contract. It also answers all your questions so you can explain the contract to your clients and show them you know what you’re talking about.

Is this Contract Template right for me?

This Contract Template is right for:

  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs

Looking for extra help of any kind without hiring an employee, including:

  • virtual assistant
  • administrative support
  • copywriting
  • ads management
  • marketing
  • part-time help